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Top Five Women’s Mountain Bikes Of 2017

mountain biking

The peaceful path. The sound of rubber wheel on scree. Dirt on your own face. Mountain biking can be a superb, adrenaline-filled strategy to delve into two wheels, as soon as you’re hooked, the next step is obtaining your personal beauty of the cycle to have outdoors on. My guide to five favorite female-unique mountain bikes for every budget should allow you to decide your perfect bike.

Before spending your dosh on anything with suspension, considerate everything you can afford and what are your requirements. Where, and just how frequently, do you want to use it? And what level of skill are you experiencing or trying to attain? It’s worth to look out for sale prices and exploring alternatives online so you got a good idea which women’s cycles are available on the market. But to save discomfort and time, I’ve selected my favorite new bikes for budgets which is ranged from £340 to £1,699, and included a reference to everything you may expect from each price point.

£500 OR LESS: B’Twin Rockrider 540 (£340 from Decathlon)

Outstanding entry level hardtail offering excellent affordability – ideal for casual rider or the commuter.

B’Twin’s Rockrider 540 from Decathlon will be the first of my choices of women’s bicycles, weighing in at a low price of just £340. This 650b MTB is made upon a sturdy blend frame and comes in various measurements, together with the medium size weighing only 13.6kg. The principle standout for the Rockrider, though, may be the Suntour XCR 100 forks supplying a strong front suspension program as well as a lot more relaxed trip over rockier terrain. The much-increased seatpost provides increased flexibility and increased assistance to avoid strain on hips and the back on more extreme trails.

Pricepoint: This category is mainly for everyday competitors or beginners that usually have simple requirements and uses to get a motorcycle. For something reliable, regular and great for off-road tracks; the B’Twin Rockrider 540 is an excellent choice.

Womens mountain bikes 2017

Superb entry level full-suspension with a specification that totally blows different full-suspension out of the water at this price-point (as well as greater price points too).

After finding a monstrous 9/10 ranking from MBR and a 4/5 ratings from Motorcycle Radar, it’s no real surprise to determine the Voodoo Maji Women’s mountain bike has taken the top in 2017 at this cost range. With Suntour Epixon 140mm forks and rear suspension providing plenty of support to ride on difficult geographical area, Tektro hydraulic brakes giving managed stopping on descents along with a Shimano Altus 27 speed gear program supplying a good array of speeds you’d find it difficult to find a better spec for this value. If you’re following a quality full-suspension bicycle a budget of £1,000 is sensible, but with the Maji you’d be spending £650 for an entry level full-suspension bicycle that will perform in the same-level anyway – a notion that’s been corroborated by Bike Radar. “The Voodoo Maji a bike that performs better than its price… the caliber of the areas for the price is excellent, and on the first ride it seems cozy, secure, and, i declare, fun on the trails.

Pricepoint: This cost point is considerably better for competitors looking for a midrange entry level mountain bike to advance on. For something sturdy, a little more sophisticated, and preliminary to both cross country paths and full -suspension MTBs; the Voodoo Maji may be the ideal solution.

£1000 OR LESS: Whyte 802 Compact (£750 from Whyte)

One of Whyte’s hardtails that are several outstanding comes at a good pricepoint using an irresistible geometry that offers a driving experience.

mountain biking2Amazing value is represented by Whyte’s array of women’s bicycles for money while in the game of quality vs. cost. Rocking in just to the border of the price range, the Whyte 802 Compact has been acclaimed by many as the perfect sub-£1000 hardtail available, while earlier types also have loved their fair share of comments. The 2017 model carries quite an importance exsistent having a superb build wise and specification exclusively. Considering in at just 13kg and with XS frames available, it’s easy to understand why ‘Compact’ was named but that doesn’t mean comfort is affected by the shorter geometry. It merely ensures that it’s light enough to ensure you choose up some significant pace and accessible for riders with faster ratios while racing down trails or paths.

Price point: The £1000 or less group is more suited to advanced individuals of treating trails in a great concept of what they’re looking for and the past with experience. For anything relaxed and lightweight to journey, using a fantastic specification; it’s hard to see after dark Whyte 802.

£1500 OR LESS: Whyte 901 (£1199 from Whyte)

Yep, it’s another Whyte product within the list, but this beauty simply cannot be dismissed.

Owing in big part (again) for the geometry of the bicycle, the Whyte 901 continues to be the most effective-in-school hardtail for your past year or two and still remains one of many best women’s bikes available on the market today – much more so than pricier models. This remarkable feat is most definitely one which hasn’t gone unnoticed often, with MBR declaring once in awhile, a bicycle arrives that becomes a type. The Whyte 901 is one such cycle; it’s the trail hardtail club none.”

Equipped with a shorter base, this bike’s geometry has been re-imagined having a 760mm wide pub that gives competitors maneuverability – and the ideal situation which is maximised by the impressively light body that is 12.2kg. The construct specification is amazing for that cost also, including a range of SRAM parts building the gear and brake systems. In addition to this, the presence helps to ensure that the Whyte 901 can be a enjoyable journey and of RockShox Sektor Platinum forks with travel and lockout merely serves to fit its special geometry.

Pricepoint: At less or £1500, the number of bicycles as of this amount are made to satisfy more specific requirements. More worthy of advanced/experienced individuals who devote a large amount of timeout on tracks; the Whyte 901 is the crop’s total treatment.

£2000 OR LESS: Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 (£1,699 from Canyon)

Greatest women’s mountain bikes 2017

The next -suspension women’s mountain bike on my listing, Canyon’s Spectral AL 6.0 is surely of preserving the very best a situation.

Your immediate thoughts of this whole-suspension bicycle could possibly be that it’s rather costly, wait before you hear the features. Because Canyon’s array of cycles are just accessible thus consumers get more bang because of their money with regards to build quality and parts when ordered directly from your producer. Consequently, where to start? Well firstly, the entire motorcycle is built upon a 13.1kg aluminum Spectral body that provides 140mm vacation due to the flexibility of the Fox Effectiveness Drift Elite shock. Coupled this using the Monk Efficiency 34 Move forks (also providing 140mm value of travel) and also the RockShox Reverb Stealth seat post, as well as the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 seems set to provide riders an amazing ride-up or downhill. Gearing and the drivetrain, that will be made up of Shimano SLX parts that are largely, supplies more strength in tough terrains and an easy interchange between items.

Pricepoint: Any cycles around this price range or above are far more worthy of seasoned/qualified individuals who know precisely what they’re seeking and want to ride regular on a certain thing that may often provide good specifications when they’re reaching the trails.

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